What We Do


Our close relationship with the Shipping Lines ensures optimal rates, space and equipment to meet your shipping needs. We can assist you with the following to maximise your exports:

- Submit forecasts to Shipping Lines

- Ensure that optimal rates, space and equipment are secured

- Provide options and guidance on best solutions to all destinations


Our specialised team will arrange up-to-date shipping solutions by:

- Providing Shipping options, stack dates, estimated time of departure and arrival.

- Securing your booking with the Shipping Line.

- Ensuring that the necessary inspections, tests and certificates are completed

- Expediting cost effective and on time deliveries through our dedicated non-asset based road transport network


Our dedicated documentation team will provide the expertise required for all your documentation. They provide the following functions to ensure a smooth release of your cargo at destination:

- Complete Shipping Instructions and Bills of Lading.

- Compile all export documentation required by the consignee, authorities and governing bodies.

- Ensure the smooth delivery of the final set of documents prior to cargo arrival at destination.


Our advanced personalised IT system allows for ease of reporting and the gathering of statistical information by providing:

- Rolling plans twice weekly to all clients reporting on all planned bookings

- Daily reports on outstanding information, required instructions on shipments as well as freight payments due to assist with planning

We provide transparency throughout the shipment process thereby ensuring that you, our customer, have peace of mind.

- Shipment Reports are provided weekly to update Clients on the status of each shipment in terms of the Documentation and the updated arrival dates of the cargo at destination